Costs (excluding 21% VAT)

The costs are charged as follows:

  • Opening of file: €75
  • Typing procedural documents: €11 per page
  • Outgoing letters: €11 per page
  • Outgoing e-mail: €11 per page
  • Outgoing fax: €11 per page
  • Photocopies: €0.40 per copy
  • Kilometre allowance: €0.85 per kilometre
  • Incoming faxes: €0.40 per page
  • Incoming mails: €0.40 per page
  • Unrecovered legal expenses: cost price
  • Administrative documents and excerpts: cost price

Fees (excluding 21% VAT)

Unless otherwise agreed,  the fee is calculated based on a flat rate of between €150 and €250, depending on the type of case and urgency.

The fee is charged for the following among other things:

  • Formulation of counsel
  • The consultations
  • The drafting of outgoing letters and reading of incoming letters
  • Drawing up procedural documents (writs of summons, petitions, decisions, memorandums, etc.)
  • The incoming and outgoing telephone calls
  • The study of the file of the client and adversary
  • The preparation of the plea
  • The pleas
  • The inspection of files lodged with the registry and elsewhere
  • The preparation for and attendance of judicial and extrajudicial appraisals
  • The preparation for and attendance of meetings