Establishment details

Beringersteenweg 36,
3520  Zonhoven, Belgium
CBE 0667.834.904
Tel: 012/28.01.47

GBF-ATTORNEYS is a partnership with a civil purpose.

The company registration number of GBF-ATTORNEYS is 0667.834.904.

Dirk BOTTELIER practises the profession of attorney in the form of a private limited company with the name BV DIRK BOTTELIER. The company registration number of BV DIRK BOTTELIER is 0834.853.363.

Luc FORIER practises the profession of attorney as a natural person. Luc FORIER’s company registration number is 0816.839.770.

All attorneys of the firm are registered with the Flemish Bar Council (OVB) and hold a diploma endorsed by the OVB. They are either registered with the Bar Council of Tongeren or they are on the list of trainee attorneys of this Council.

All attorneys of the firm carry the title of attorney which has been granted in Belgium.

Professional liability

The professional liability of every attorney of the firm is insured via the Bar Association Limburg insured with MS AMLIN INSURANCE SE (lead insurer) with office located at 1030 Brussels, Koning-Albert II-Laan 37 through the intermediary of VANBREDA RISK & BENEFITS with policy number LXX034899

The guarantee of the professional liability policy of every attorney of the firm applies to the consequences of insured activities performed worldwide by each attorney and insured activities performed by each attorney from the office located in Belgium, subject to the clarifications and exceptions specified in the above-mentioned policy.

However, claims brought against an attorney of the firm in the US or in Canada, or under the legislation or jurisdiction of the US or Canada, are not insured.

The broker that manages these policies is VANBREDA RISK & BENEFITS NV, with registered offices at Plantin en Moretuslei 297, 2014 Antwerp, (Tel: 0032 3 217 55 72; Fax: 0032 3 236 16 80).

Complaints and further information

If you require further information or wish to make a complaint, please contact the office: